Celestyal Cruises
Celestyal Cruises specializes in offering immersive experiences in the Eastern Mediterranean, priding itself on providing authentic Greek hospitality and culture to its passengers. The cruise line operates a fleet of mid-sized vessels, including the Celestyal Discovery and the Celestyal Journey, which offer a more intimate and personalized cruising experience compared to larger cruise lines.
One of the unique aspects of Celestyal Cruises is its focus on destination immersion. The itineraries typically include visits to lesser-known ports of call in Greece, Turkey and the Greek Islands, allowing passengers to explore historical sites, picturesque villages and stunning beaches.
For relaxation and entertainment, Celestyal Cruises offers a range of amenities. Passengers can unwind by the pool, enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the onboard bars or pamper themselves with spa treatments inspired by ancient Greek rituals. Evening entertainment includes live music, theatrical performances and themed parties, providing guests with a lively and engaging atmosphere. Interactive workshops and classes may cover topics such as Greek language lessons, traditional Greek dance and cooking demonstrations, allowing passengers to immerse themselves further in the local culture.

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Ship Year Built Refurbished Passengers Rating
Celestyal Discovery 2003 2023 1,266
Celestyal Journey 1994 2023 1,260